Plotkin's vaccines

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Plotkin, Stanley A. (Éditeur intellectuel) 1932- / Edwards, Kathryn M. (Éditeur intellectuel) / Offit, Paul A. (Éditeur intellectuel) / Orenstein, Walter A (Éditeur intellectuel)

8th edition




From the latest vaccination evidence, recommendations, and protocols . . . to new vaccine development and the use of vaccines in reducing disease, Plotkin's Vaccines, 8th Edition, covers every aspect of vaccination. Now completely revised and updated from cover to cover, this award-winning text continues to provide reliable information from global authorities, offering a complete understanding of each disease, as well as the latest knowledge of both existing vaccines and those currently in research and development. Described by Bill Gates as "an indispensable guide to the enhancement of the well-being of our world," Plotkin's Vaccines is a must-have reference for current, authoritative information in this fast-moving field.


Vaccins / Vaccination

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