Clinical decision support and beyond : progress and opportunities in knowledge-enhanced health and healthcare

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Greenes, Robert A. 1940-

3rd edition


Academic Press


Clinical Decision Support and Beyond: Progress and Opportunities in Knowledge-Enhanced Health and Healthcare, now in its third edition, discusses the underpinnings of effective, reliable, and easy-to-use clinical decision support systems at the point of care as a productive way of managing the flood of data, knowledge, and misinformation when providing patient care. Incorporating CDS into electronic health record systems has been underway for decades; however its complexities, costs, and user resistance have lagged its potential. Thus it is of utmost importance to understand the process in detail, to take full advantage of its capabilities. The book expands and updates the content of the previous edition, and discusses topics such as integration of CDS into workflow, context-driven anticipation of needs for CDS, new forms of CDS derived from data analytics, precision medicine, population health, integration of personal monitoring, and patient-facing CDS. In addition, it discusses population health management, public health CDS and CDS to help reduce health disparities. It is a valuable resource for clinicians, practitioners, students and members of medical and biomedical fields who are interested to learn more about the potential of clinical decision support to improve health and wellness and the quality of health care.


Automatisation / Changement organisationnel / Médecine clinique - Prise de décision

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