Contact lens practice

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Efron, Nathan

Fourth edition




The field of contact lenses continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new optical designs and vision correction options continually being developed. Additionally, the rapid expansion of clinical instrumentation offers eye care practitioners a wide choice of investigative techniques for assessing in-eye contact lens performance and diagnosing adverse reactions.
Now in its fourth edition, Contact Lens Practice has been thoroughly updated and revised to capture these developments and more, and translate them into an organised and easily digestible resource. Written and edited by award-winning author, researcher, and lecturer, Professor Nathan Efron, this title provides a comprehensive, evidence-based overview of the scientific foundations and clinical applications of contact lens fitting. The text has been refreshed by the inclusion of five new authors – a mixture of scientists and clinicians, all of whom are at the cutting edge of their specialty.


Lentilles de contact - Complications et séquelles / Oeil - Maladies / Oeil - Lésions et blessures / Troubles de la vision

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