The emergency department technician handbook

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Shesser, Robert (Éditeur intellectuel) / Pourmand, Ali (Éditeur intellectuel) / Keim, Amy (Éditeur intellectuel)




Emergency Department Technicians (EDTs) play a vital role in actively supporting the medical team in today's hospitals, and the role continues to expand in light of staffing shortages and increased emergency department volumes. The Emergency Department Technician Handbook is a reliable, comprehensive resource in this increasingly important field, filling a timely need in EDT workforce development for both technicians and educators. Concise, readable text, along with high-quality clinical photos and a video library that depict procedures and patient positioning, make this new handbook a must-have resource in every emergency department.


Services des urgences médicales - Études de cas / Personnel paramédical d'urgence / Hôpitaux - Services des urgences

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